A More Humane Approach to Performance Management

Catalytic Coaching is about helping people grow. It brings out the best in people at work. It's about creating and managing a strategic blueprint for people-development.

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Concentrate on the Future, not the Past

A review, by its very nature, is focused on the past. Catalytic Coaching is focused on the future. Unlike traditional forms of performance review that focus on past events and activities that can no longer be changed, CCO places emphasis only on past issues and behaviors that have a likelihood of impacting future performance.


Processes and Tools that Promote
Coaching Conversations

Administrative burden is dramatically reduced when converting to the Catalytic Coaching method through the use of three, colour-coded documents. Managers function as coaches who provide employees with feedback on Strengths and Areas for Improvement. The Coach helps each Employee construct a Development Plan that improves contribution and increases potential for other opportunities.

Traditional Performance Reviews Are Broken

"In practice, annual ratings are a disease, annihilating long-term planning, demolishing teamwork, nourishing rivalry and politics, leaving people bitter, crushed, bruised, battered, desolate, unfit for work for weeks after receipt of rating, unable to comprehend why they are inferior. . . sending companies down the tubes."

- W. Edwards Deming

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    CCO technical staff will guide your organization through a simple set up process that will get you up and running in less than a day. Our Technical Support Team is accessed through the software and provides exceptional support, with turnaround on requests within the hour.

  • Secure and Private

    Safely and securely store documents for years in a manner that exceeds any and all state, provincial and national regulations or standards.

  • 30 Day Guarantee

    If you find that for whatever reason, within the first 30 days of using CCO, you are not completely happy with your CCO system and that it does not improve the efficiencies, overall coordination efforts and quality of the Catalytic Coaching process, we will gladly refund your investment.

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